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    Mandala Tapestry

    Our mandala tapestry collection is the perfect wall decor for college apartments and dorm room walls. Whether you are a girl or a guy, there’s no better feeling than having a bedroom that reminds you of who you are and what you stand for.

    Mandala and bohemian are words that stand for meditation, spirituality, and artistry. Our mandala wall tapestries bring these characteristics to life and give you a daily reminder of where your headspace needs to be.

    Hippie Tapestry

    The question is, why settle for plain white walls? With over 60 incredible mandala hippie tapestries to choose from, there’s no better way to create the perfect living space. We offer boho tapestries, Indian mandala tapestries, lotus flower tapestries, and dozens of more styles and designs.

    Mandala Wall Hanging

    If you’re a student or already in the working world, your bedroom is a place of relaxation and comfort. However, dull bedrooms are uninspiring and unimaginative. A few brilliantly designed mandala tapestries can instantly provide the sense of life and creativity your bedroom deserves.

    Mandalas are extremely powerful because they were part of the cure for certain psychological conditions of inner turmoil. Somebody impacted by inner conflict began to heal once they found their new psychological center, which is was a mandala represents.

    Boho Tapestry

    We offer dozens of colorful boho designs, from yin yang wall tapestries to elephant mandala tapestries. Regardless of which mandala print tapestry you choose, you’ll be astonished at the details and color on each one.

    Bohemian Tapestry

    It’s time to upgrade your dull bedroom into a sanctuary of peace and comfort. Get your hanging mandala wall tapestry today! Whether you're actually an artist or just an artist at heart, there's no reason to be afraid of who you are. Although mandalas are rooted in Buddhism and Hinduism, you don't have to be religious to understand what they stand for.

    Bohemian art is an expression of the soul's structure. Mandalas indicate that there is a center and everything radiates out from a focal point. It's a symbol of wholeness and completion. Mandala tapestries are also a visual representation of harmony. 

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