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    Wall Tapestry

    Browse through our collection of wall tapestries and discover your taste from a wide variety of options! We offer unique designs in high-definition prints, making these wall hanging tapestries a real treat for the eyes.

    These woven tapestries are made of soft yet durable fabric for long-lasting use, while the vibrancy of colors is here to stay even after several washes by hand or washing machine. Maximize our beautiful tapestries, not just as decorations, but also as a functional piece as well—be it a table cover, picnic mat, throw blanket, or photo background.

    Most pieces from our wall tapestry collection are available in various sizes to accommodate any area of your home that you want to be decorated.

    Best Place To Buy Tapestries

    Pleshy is your one-stop shop for everything home decor. We offer different tapestry wall hanging designs for every type of person. If you like looking at the stars, we've got you covered. If you're a stoner who wants something more trippy, we've got the perfect tapestries for you. If you love hiking and being out in nature, there's a Pleshy tapestry with your name on it.

    Affordable Room Tapestry

    We have one main goal at Pleshy. It's to bring good vibes to every household around the world. The only way to accomplish this goal is by providing inexpensive and cheap tapestries. However, this doesn't mean that we use cheap materials. Each tapestry is created with a premium cotton and polyester blend that's built for durability.

    Whether you're searching for a college tapestry or dorm tapestry, you're bound to find a design that makes your heart flutter. 

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